Sunday, April 17, 2011

I like this cute little froggy

Hello and Thank you for stopping by!!! Today I want to show you the little fingerfrog that I sent with the froggy card I showed you last week. I made this frog out of green cardstock and cutted out face and body, hands and feet. I laminated each part to make it drool save. Then I punched small wholes in the body and hands and feet and put a green eyelet through each. I used green pipe cleaners to connect the body with the hands and feet and put a pair of googly eyes on the frogs face. As last part I put a rubber-band on the back of the frog and painted a small smile on its face. I hope you like this little fellow as much as my friend Anne-Marie and her grandson Bevan did.

Have a great day and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!

Maria :)


Andaje said...

Had seen them before, but didn't know you laminated the paper - what a great idea when it is to be given to kids :o)

Anne-Marie said...

He has become a firm favourite Maria! Bevan giggles whenever he spies him, and the lamination definitely helps with the drool, lol! To answer the question you left on my blog...I love milk chocolate....and so do my gkids, heehee. xxx

Cindy P said...

awwwww, that so cute, great crafty idea Maria