Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I like it to relax :)

Hello and thank you for stopping by!! After all the busy work and stress in our daily rutine we all need some time to relax. When I want to relax I carft cards and small things for my friends all over the world. On PapercraftPlanet (PCP) we have a very kind, generous and very talented lady. She is the one and only SD of SP in AGG on PCP (Social Director of Secret Pals in Anything Goes Group on Papercraft Planet). And as SD she also has a very busy time with us and so I thought that i would send her a card to tell her to relax from time to time. She has a few cats and as she first saw this image as it was sent to me from my SP she said that she likes it alot. So I used this image colored it and painted a small rug as background for the little cat (with wings) and added my small sentiment.
It took me a long time to send her this card as I received this image in December last year..but school and life got in the way...well at least she finally got it :)

I hope you like the card and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!

Maria :)


Kim Burmeister said...

Oh, this is awesome! I love cats and this make me want to curl up on the couch and sleep. It has been cold here.

Cindy P said...

aww thats cute,
as my grandfather used to always say "better late than never" lol very nice Maria

Anonymous said...

M, worry too much about time - understand happy to receive no matter what. Really! Is a wonderful card and I see everytime I sit at the computer. Thank you again.