Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love to color with my distressinks

Hello and thank you for stopping by!!!!
First of all I want to thank you for all the lovely comments of my last post and video-tutorial. I felt very flattered that you liked it that much and I will try to include more videos in my future posts.
Today I want to show you how I color my stamped images unsing my distressinks.
What you need to color with distressinks are:
- acrylic clear block
- fine and medium watertank-brush
- distressinks in different colors
- Papertowel
- stamped/printed Image to color

So here is the tutorial I made coloring a Lili of the Valley stamp from the Summer Bears Companion Stamp Set.  Hope you will enjoy it.

And here is the card I made with the same image for a craftingfriend.

What do you think?
I hope everyone is going having  a great week. See you all soon :)
Maria :)


Cindy :) said...

wonderful tutorial Maria....I totally love your card, its a real beauty, adorable image, tx for sharing your technique. I have the green one, have never seen the orange one, well not that I can remember that is, LOL...I don't know why but the olive looks yellow, rather than green, I wonder if anyone else see's it that way, let me know, cause the rest I can make out the colours that they are supposed to be except that one, hmmmm curious....gorgeous card, love it :) And your rosette is awesome as well, ty for showing me how to make it :) love ya

Vicky said...

Wonderful tutorial, real cute image and fab finished card.
Yes, Cindy, the Olive green does look yellow on my computer also.

Jill said...

Great tutorial--love the coloring and such a cute card!!!!!

Cindy :) said...

heyyy hun...ty so much for leaving me your wonderful comment for my banner on my blog while I was sleeping ;) I made top 3 this week in the challenge, still striving for top's on my bucket list so someday I just might win!! LOL

Tammie Lien said...

Maria,I have never seen streess ink with waterbrush ever,Oh my going to get me googs more distress ink soon and waterbrushes.Sure hope Joanns here sells them.And yes a mini mister.On my list:)))
Wow you did a fantastic job loved your tutorial...Can't wait to give it a try..So happy we got to be friends.Such a beautiful card too...What folder or die did you use on your card.I have a few,slowly getting what I need to make cards.Thanks so much for sharing..Hugs:)))