Monday, September 12, 2011

I am so very sorry!!!

Hello and Thank you for stopping by!!! I am very sorry for haven´t blogged in over a month. My new job kept me very busy and so I didn´t had much time to show you cards I created in the meantime on this blog. PLEASE forgive me!!! I will try to better myself and blog more, but I can´t promise to do it reguarly, but I will try my best.
As appology I will show you some cards I made during the past months with my new StampinUP Owl-punch that I got for my birthday this year.
First here are some cards I did with owls on it :)

And on this card for my great friend Anne-Marie ( she makes fabulous cards , make sure to check out her blog here) I made a small pinguin for her and made the card in a winter-theme as she LOVES snow ( I really don´t ;) ha )

Next are cards I used the Owl-punch, to make small tulips with it. You can find the tutorial how to make them on Valitas blog.

And finally I want to show you a card I just made this evening. As I showed you in a post a few months ago , you can also use the punch to create really cool roses. I finally took the time to make a card with (sorry Anne-Marie that its purple). I think it turned out pretty good, but let me know what you think about it, please.

Don´t hestitate to comment and let me know what you think about the cards I made with the owl-punch.
I hope everyone will have a great week.
I hope you like the cards and HAPPY CRAFTING :)

Maria :)


Anne-Marie said...

Maria, this post was well worth waiting for...such lovely creations!
I haven't seen that particular owl before...he's a real sweetie...and I think you did him proud...those cards are soooo sweet!
I also love my ickle penquin card....he keeps me companhy in my craft room...sits on the windowsill, right in front of my desk!
Those tulip cards are gorgeous....tulips are always happy flowers, to my mind.
And don't apologise for the purple....I've had a spell cast on me, because I'm really starting to like it....haaaaaa!

Kim Burmeister said...

I agree with Anne-Marie....this is definitely worth the wait. Holy Moly! Your cards are FABULOUS!

Andaje said...

Maria, 3 "sorry"s in one post.... don't go there please - and once in a while everybody need to break the rutine just a little bit only to return again with reneved energy.. your energy seems to be the cards.
Loving the owl cards :o)

Cindy P :) said...

awesome cards...I seee mine, I love it, its awesome, your did such a great job on the tree, it looks real, ty
love all your cards and flowers, wonderful job