Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I loke this Gh-owls :)

Hello and thank you for stopping by. Today I want to show you another halloween creation I made with my StampinUp Owlpunch. Scary little Ghosts.

To make them you punch out an owl-body in white or creme cardstock and snip of its little feet ( sorry little owl). The you turn the whole body upside down and Voila, you can see the shape of a little ghost :)
give him some black eyes with white lightpoints and he is able to spooke arround. To give hime the chance to yell also you can draw a little black mouth by hand or stamp one ( like I did it with my peachykeen stamps).I made these cards with my new ghosty friends and didn´t let them spooke alone, but in a group of three :)
Here are a few of the halloweencards I made with my Ghost owls--short =Ghowls ;)

Tell me what you think about them :)
I hope everyone is having a great week.

Maria :)


Anne-Marie said...

These are such cute ickle guys....can see why you love 'em!

Vicky said...

Oh Maria, they are great. So cute, not at all scary! Boo!