Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I like lilies :)

Hello and thank you for Stopping by!!! Today I want to take a break from showing you cards from my cardset and show you something different. Somewhile ago my friend Cindy showed me the Blog of a super talented Australian Lady named Valita. She showed a way to make beautiful paperlilies that are very 3D and I had to try this out :)
After I made my first Lily
I showed it to a friend and she told me that they are looking like little barettes....and BANG....An Idea was born to make smalller versions of these lilies and to glue them on small barettes from the store.
I made a whole bunch of them and colored them in different colors and sent them out to different parts of the USA and there are some actually on the way to Australia.

I also used them to give them as guest-gift to the friends that came to my B-day-Lunch. Yes, every year at my B-Day-Lunch not only I get presents but my guests get small ones too :)
But these flowers aren´t only wonderful for the hair they also look awesome on cards. I made these two cards for friends that had live in the USA and had their Birthdays a few months ago :)

I think they turned out pretty good, what do you think?
I hope you like the lilies as much as I do :)
I hope you are all having a wonderful week
Happy Crafting
Maria :)


Andaje said...

Maria, these look absolutely amazing :o) WOW!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh Maria, they are stunning! How talented you are, sweetie....and those cards are gorgeous!
Take care, my ickle friend x

Silver Strands said...

Wow - those are just amazing! REALLY!

Petra said...

Just one word really....Beautiful!

Ali Baba said...

I cant wait to see mine in real life Maria, they look beautiful XXX

Birdie said...

Maria - they are beautiful - care to share the link to this fabulous blog with me?

Kim Burmeister said...

Maria, these are absolutely STUNNING! You are so talented.